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Lucia Snuffer

Lucia Snuffer


There's a Right Way to do Everything

(Even little things)


When you blow out a candle, you're doing four things and three are not good.


Yes, the candle is extinguished, however you risk blowing wax everywhere; you're also allowing the wick to emit a lot of smoke and you're increasing the chances the candle will tunnel or burn unevenly. 


To put out your candle properly, hold the snuffer over your candle and lower the bell  to fully envelope the flame. Hold it there until the flame fully goes out. Make sure your snuffer does not go into the melted wax. When your candle is fully out, lift the snuffer.


Oh, and use our Lucia Pewter Candle Snuffer.  Because, there's a right way to do everything.  (Makes a wonderful gift too.) Handmade of beautiful Italian pewter in the the Lombardy Region of Italy.


Dimensions: 6.75 inches long x 1.75 inches wide


Care:  Hand wash only.

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