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Tuscan Zuppa Bowl

Tuscan Zuppa Bowl


The Essence of Arte

Arte Italica was the first tabletop line in the United States to combine ceramic and pewter when we introduced our Tuscan Collection nearly 30 years ago. It continues to be highly coveted by customers for its elegant, distinctive and authentic look. The patina of the hand rubbed pewter against the beautiful bianco white ceramic creates a look (and feel) like none other.  Both classic and contemporary, it is truly timeless; and a collection that can be treasured for generations. Handmade by Italian artisans in the province of Brescia.

Our two-handled Tuscan Zuppa Bowl is a distinctive piece that reflects how Italy marries its rich culinary and artistic traditions. The bowl features two elegantly designed handles, and pewter tab adding a touch of sophistication to the dining experience.


Dimensions: 5.5 inches wide  3 inches tall


Care: Hand wash only

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