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Peltro Charger

Peltro Charger


Not Something You See Every Day..

Our Peltro Charger is a truly unique piece, and those who own them, love them. They create a magnificent and truly distinctive look to your home or table. Nothing  embodies our maxim, "today's treasures and tomorrow's heirlooms" more than these chargers. Use it as a charger or as a serving piece. Made much the same way they were centuries ago, they will be in your family forever.  Italian pewter, Hand made in the Lombardy Region of Italy. 

About the Collection:

Pewter (peltro in Italian), considered by many to be more beautiful than silver (and far easier to maintain), has been used in creating decorative, ceremonial and household pieces for three thousand years. Each piece in our Peltro Collection is hand made with extraordinary attention to  detail and includes the "95" stamp reflecting the highest possible grade of pewter. 

Dimensions: 13 inches diameter

Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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