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Finezza Small Oval Soup Tureen

Finezza Small Oval Soup Tureen


Mama Mia!


Introduced over a decade ago, Finezza (meaning "refined") is one of our best selling collections year after year. Beloved for its intricate lace design, it is beautiful, durable and easy care. The pieces are also a favorite of exclusive event planners. While most Finezza pieces are in Cream, four pieces (Charger, Dinner, Salad/Dessert and Bread/Canape plates) also come in Blue. The two colors pair beautifully with one another. The collection also includes Chargers in Green and Grey allowing for almost endless combinations for your table. Create a masterpiece all your own!


You only get one chance to make a first impression. Our new Finezza Small Oval Soup Tureen does the job! It is truly a show stopping work of art. Introduced in 2022 customers have told us they don't need it - they just want it!  Don't forget to pair it with our Finezza Small Oval Soup Tureen Platter! Italian ceramic, handmade in the Veneto region of Italy. 


Dimensions: 10 inches in length   6 inches tall


Care: Dishwasher safe. Microwaveable (may get hot). 

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