Caring for Pewter

Owning Italian made pewter can be an investment. Here are some tips on keeping it beautiful for years to come!

Fact # 1

- Pewter is a soft material, making it ideal for monogramming, but it also means it is susceptible to scratching

Here are some tips on preventing and removing any scratching that may occur.


When storing pewter, especially pewter chargers, use scrap fabric or tissue paper in between each piece. You can also wrap pewter pieces or store in felt bags.

When setting your table, be aware of the type of plates you are using on your chargers to avoid the bottom rim from causing scratches.

Scratch Removal

Since pewter is a soft metal, removing scratches is easy.

Visit your local hardware store and pick up 0000 steel wool

In a circluar motion use the steel wool to buff out any imperfections.

I used this Peltro Charger that has been neglected by years of use in one of our showrooms.

He was a bit beat up but you can see that a nice buffing greatly reduced the scratches!

Fact # 2

- Pewter will darken with age

This can be true, especially depending on where you live (type of air/elevation, or coastal areas) This darkening is a beautiful process but if you prefer your pewter on the shiner side wipe with Cape Cod Cleaning Cloths, they are amazing!

Fact # 3

- Keep pewter away from hot surfaces

Make sure you don't place pewter items on or too close to the stove or oven. As mentioned pewter is a soft metal the heat can manipulate the form of your piece.

Fact # 4

- Pewter is dishwasher safe!

Like all Arte Italica items that are safe for the dishwasher, make sure you wash on a low-heat/air-dry setting. We also recommend you use a cleaner that is acidic free (no lemon or orange scent) we recommend Cascade Complete!

Fact # 5

- Pewter with glass needs to be hand washed

If your pewter contains glass (wine glasses, etc) make sure those are washed by hand individually and not soaked under water. This will prevent any separation of the glass from the pewter. If this happens contact us at 888.336.4535 or email