Arte Travels Italy

If you have been following us on Instagram you have seen that our Product Development team has been traveling Italy! Here at Arte Italica we work with many different factories all over Italy. Each factory specializes in their trade, we use factories that make ceramics, factories that make and paint ceramics, factories that make pewter and factories that make glass. Each one is unique and all are family owned, many have been in their familes for years and years!

When they travel Italy it is a whirl wind during the 7 to 10 days while they are there. Traveling by car, factories by day then a new hotel each night, but hey it's Italy right! So of course there is great food, wine and conversation!

Here is the route traveled!

They started in and around the beautiful city of Venice.

Here they met with two ceramic factories, then they traveled the Veneto region on the way to Milan. There they attended an Italian Trade Show, met with current factories showing their beautiful products as well meeting new factories.

From Milan they travel to Brescia. This part of Italy is where all of the Italian pewter is made.

Check out these beauties, Spring 2016

Enjoying a relaxing dinner at the Hotel Santellone in Brescia.

From Brescia they traveled south to Tuscany, this is where you find the majority of handmade and hand painted ceramics.

Spring 2016 is all about the coastal influence from Italy which resonates with us Americans, if we don't live near the beach, we want to!

What a view!

Here you can see the many stages of our new Marina. First an artist creates the mold by hand, once created production can begin, then painting and distressing. It is amazing all the steps an artist takes to create each handmade piece!

Marina, is beautiful and will be offered in blue and white and will contain stunning serving and home decor pieces!

You will also see more blue and white and some floral in spring!

Get prepared! Because we will be introducing over 120 new items for Spring 2016!