Arte Italica's products are found only at the finest retail locations across the US and Canada. Our retailers do an amazing job of mixing and matching the collections to showcase the versatility and beauty of these hand-crafted pieces. Since all of Arte Italica's products are handmade, they each have their own unique, one-of-a-kind appearance.

It is essential to see the Arte Italica products in person - to truly experience the beauty of an artisan created piece. The techniques employed by our artisans have been passed down though generations and bring old-world, European style to your home. Our stores provide the best in customer service and will help you create a custom Arte Italica experience for your home.

Use our store locator below by entering in your country, city, state/province or zip code to find an Arte Italica retailer near you.

Signature Stores

When searching with our store locator, you will see some stores with the Signature Store icon, signifying them as an Arte Italica Signature Store. Signature Stores are premier Arte Italica destinations, where you will find an incredible selection of Arte Italica dinnerware and home décor.