Summer is here which means it is time to entertain!  Backyard BBQ's, cocktails with friends and with the 4th of July approaching showing a little patriotic spirit while doing it.  Here are some of our favorite pieces to add a little red, white and blue into your next gathering.

Burano Dinnerware | Tuscan Platter  | Isabella Flatware 

Mix Burano with Venezia for a coastal look, just pop in some red!

Burano and Venezia

Venezia | Burano Water/Wine 

Tuscan Collection

Tuscan Collection | Volterra Mug


Layer in a Gemma Charger in Red, White or Blue

Scavo Bakers

Or one of our Scavo Bakers!

Rosa Glassware

Pour a cold cocktail in our Rosa DOF or Highball

Burano 4th of July

Happy Summer Entertaining!

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Winter Whites

Jan 19, 2018 11:51:49 AM

Winter is here folks!  Most of us have had some pretty snowy conditions lately which has made us think about Winter Whites!  White dinnerware is a favorite year round, but there is something so elegant about an all white table during the winter.  Here are our favorites.

Tuscan Collection

Tuscan, such a classic and with so many NEW and existing pieces it creates a beautiful table.

Volterra Platter

Add in some Volterra for an more modern look. | Volterra Round Platter

Graffiata White

This season we are introducing Graffiata in White, so stunning!

Scavo White Charger

Layer it with our Scavo White Charger.

Bella Bianca Collection

We love all the combinations in our Bella Bianca and now we have.....

Bella Natale Charger

this stunning winter charger to layer in | Bella Natale Charger

Merletto White

Merletto White, its lacy design reminds us of a snowflake!

Gemma White Charger

Add some sparkle with our Gemma White Charger

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Christmas Eve Traditions

Dec 18, 2017 4:26:59 PM

We all have our own traditions for Christmas, but we wanted to share an Italian tradition called The Feast of the Seven Fishes.  This tradition, found mainly in Southern Italy, is also an American/Italian tradition where you serve seven courses of seafood.  Here we share 7 pieces we love that you can incorporate into your Christmas Eve table.

Feast of the seven fishes

Image Credit: Jim Scherer Photography

Use our Bella Bianca pasta bowls to serve warm bowls of seafood soup!


This Volterra piece is perfect for serving oysters on the half shell, simply add ice or rock salt and melted butter in the center.


Image Credit: Simply Recipes

Using small canape plates, like this one from our Tuscan Collection, for sampling different dishes for more of an appetizer gathering.

Seafood forks

Beautiful seafood forks from our Marina Peltro Collection for the most delicate shellfish

Tuscan bowl

Image Credit: Traditional Home Magazine

Tuscan bowls for soup and for serving.

Marina Peltro

Shell compotes bring whimsey and elegance to the table | Marina Peltro


Perfect year round, the blues and creams in our Venezia Collection echo the colors of the season.  

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Farmhouse Style

Feb 14, 2017 1:04:39 PM

One of the big trends for 2017 is the modern farmhouse design, whether in your kitchen, bath or laundry room.  We have been seeing this design trend all over from Pinterest to TV shows (you know the one), this look is relaxed, classic and timeless.

Vintage Pewter                                                                                                                                                                   Vintage Pewter

You can achieve the modern farmhouse feel by using Arte Italica for stunning accessories to fill your space.  Our Tuscan Collection works especially well with it's clean, simple lines and pewter details. Our canisters, centerpiece bowls or pitchers for flowers will work perfectly!


                Image:                                                                                     Tuscan Bowl


Kitchen Organization

                                                                                                                                       Tuscan Canisters

Tuscan Table
                 Image: Traditional Home Magazine                                                                   Tuscan Dinnerware

Bella Bianca is another beautiful option.  Imagine a glass butler's pantry full of white dinnerware in interesting shapes and styles!
Bella Bianca Collection
     Image: French Country Cottage                                                       Bella Bianca Dinnerware & Serveware below

Bella Bowl
               Image:                                                                              Bella Bianca Bowl

Tuscan & Bella Bianca
Kitchen Image: Pinterest | Tuscan Bowl | Tuscan Canisters | Bella Bianca Image: The Gathering of Friends | Kitchen Image: Pinterest | Bella Bianca Image: French Country Cottage

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Happy 20th Anniversary to Us!

Jan 5, 2017 4:28:21 PM

It is hard to believe that 20 years has passed since Arte Italica was first created by Ann Skidmore, a stay at home mom in CA.  Ann started Arte Italica from her home and the first shipments were from her garage, with all the family helping out!  A couple of years later, Arte Italica moved its offical office to NY and began warehousing on the east coast.  Her dream had come true and years of beautiful Italian products were born!


Early photo of Ann (far right) with our Italian Pewter Factory Family

It was pewter that Ann fell in love with and was the inspiration for Arte Italica.  She met a wonderful Italian family who's pewter factory in Brescia, Italy, had been making beautiful pewter pieces for generations.  Today, pewter is still the backbone of our company.

First Catalog Cover

Arte Italica first catalog cover

early pewter offerings

Some of the original pewter pieces offered by Arte Italica, some still sold today.

Pewter wasn't the only category offered, Ann shared a deep love and passion for Italian ceramics as well.  She began working with another factory who had been creating exquisite hand painted and hand crafted ceramics for generations as well.


The Antico Collection-Stayed apart of the collection for over 10 years.

It wasn't until 1999 that things really changed when Arte Italica introduced the popular Tuscan Collection.  Never before produced, Ann and the Italian factory developed a collection where pewter rims and handles were added to Italian Ceramic.  Bringing a brand new look and a completely new design to the market, Tuscan exploded onto the marketplace!

Tuscan Collection

Early photo of The Tuscan Collection

With Tuscan's great success Ann continued to experiment with adding pewter to other materials, such as glass, and Tesoro was born in 2005.


Then pewter with slate came our Pietra Trays in 2009

Slate Trays

In 2010, Ann helped to create pewter with French Porcelain.


Today we continue Ann's vision to take her beloved Pewter and combine it with other elements.  Most recently it is our Giorgio Barware where we combine pewter, leather and glass.


Giorgio Collection-2016

As mentioned, ceramics also played a big role in forming Arte Italica.  Our successful Pompeii Garden Series, introduced in 2004, featured over 8 styles in 7 colors.

Pompeii Garden 

Our Medici Collection, introduced in 2009 and still one of our best sellers, was a big hit for Arte Italica.


It paved the way for a new look and feel at Arte Italica, taking classic Italian colors and painting with a more neutral and vintage feel.  This was unique in that most of the painting at this time was very bold and bright.  Many patterns followed like Chianti and Amorini, but then came Natale in 2013!


Historically Arte Italica had never done holiday or a pattern specific to a season so we were all nervous.  Initially Natale was only 5 pieces, but grew so successful today it has over 29 pieces and sub-collections like glassware and linens.

Through the years products have come and gone, but over all there will always be products that stand the test of time.  Our Tuscan Dinnerware is still our top pattern, Medici, Bella Bianca, Burano, Natale and Vetro Gold are as well.  Arte Italica strives to follow the vision Ann set forth as seen in our most recent Spring 2017 Introduction, like Eleganza and Notturo.

We look forward to bringing you more beautiful Italian made products in the next 20 years!

Here is a passage from our first catalog.

"Why should it be that this ancient land is still home to many of the world's greatest artisans?  Why is it that the soul of Italy is still the fountain from which the world's appreciation of color and design emanate? It is simply the pride and tradition of the families.  Fathers training their sons...Mothers inspiring their daughters...To Love and appreciate the natural splendor of the rich countryside and to imitate that splendor with their own hands."


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