The beginning of this New Year has me reflecting on all the wonderful events of 2011. For us, two of the most amazing events in a parents’ life took place last year - a wedding and an announcement that our first grandchild was on the way.

Our daughter, Jennifer, was married on March 18, 2011 in New Orleans, LA.  She married a wonderful man, Zachary, who is all I could ever want in a son-in-law.  When Jennifer first told me that they had chosen New Orleans for their destination wedding, I thought, you’re kidding, really??  I had never been there, but after four days of fun, friends and festivities in the Big Easy, I absolutely understood their decision.  The 75º temperature in March allowed for a stunning indoor/outdoor wedding and reception. And (probably the most fun I’ve ever had!) a Second Line Dance, which is a New Orleans tradition, where the bride, groom and all the guests march through the streets behind a traditional New Orleans jazz band. Dozens of people cheered and waved from the iconic iron balconies, as we strutted through the French Quarter in all our glory! As you might expect, we brought in some of my favorite Arte Italica pieces for the reception tables. Giovanna Hurricanes and Cero centerpieces were on the tables holding candles and gorgeous bouquets of roses, peonies and orchids. To complete the dramatic, romantic ambiance, we scattered Vetro silver votives on the tabletops and around the wedding cake.  It was truly magical.

As if the wedding wasn’t enough, we are also expecting the birth of our first grandchild.  We are thrilled beyond words and the first thing this child will receive from me is…you guessed it…the Arte Italica pewter baby shoe.  Of course, I will engrave the baby’s name, weight, length and date of birth on the sole.  I am so happy that I can give the baby something meaningful to me that will be a keepsake throughout his/her life. I must admit, when introducing the adorable Cherubino collection last year – I had the hope of this future angel in mind!

Best wishes for a wonderful 2012,




       Giovanna Hurricane                               Cero Hurricane                              Vetro voitves                                    Cherubino shoe