As a mother and - hopefully some day a grandmother - I worry about the world we will leave to the next generation. I know I’m not alone. 

After starting Crown Linen six years ago I quickly learned that linen is healthy, not only for or bodies – but also for our environment.

We are living in an era of fast fashion and are producing more clothing – by far – than any time in history.

In fact the average person today owns three times as much clothing as their grandparents did

But you may be shocked at the toll this is taking on our environment. 

Clothing production is responsible for nearly 20% of all industrial water pollution, 

And uses a 25% of all chemicals produced world-wide.

It releases 10% of the carbon emissions in our air.  Three times what the entire airline industry produces.

And making clothing is just the start of the environmental toll.

Clothes are often sewn on the assumption that they will only be worn seven times before being discarded

 In fact, of the 100 billion pieces of clothing produced each year

HALF will be burned or in a landfill within twelve months.  Twelve months!

The average American generates over 75 pounds of textile waste per year and that number is rising astronomically.

I used to feel better donating my old clothes but I learned that most clothing donations go straight into a landfill.  So much for that solution

And most clothing contains synthetics that aren’t biodegradable. 

Okay, so what’s the answer?


Linen comes from the flax flower that grows naturally. The whole flax plant can be used, leaving no waste.

 It doesn’t need pesticides.

 It doesn’t require irrigation and needs FAR less water than cotton. 

 In fact linen requires 400 times less water than cotton.  400 times!

 It is recyclable and fully biodegradable.

And linen lasts for years. It actually gets softer and more supple with each washing.

 Yet only about 1% of all clothing is made from linen. 

 Just imagine if that was 10% or 20% or more. 

What kind of impact would that make on our world?

 And it is one of the easiest things we can do. 

 I wear linen almost every day.  Summer and winter. I love how it looks, how great it breathes even under a sweater or jacket.   Wearing anything else makes me feel smothered.

 So lets all look good, feel good and do good.

 Thanks for watching!