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Beautiful Autumn

This week in October we are focusing on our Bella Bianca, bella meaning beautiful in Italian and bianca meaning white, it is the perfect name for this collection.  Stunning details in each piece along with endless combinations allows you to create a table-setting that fits your style making this collection perfect all year long!

Creating a Beautiful Autumn table with our Bella Bianca means bringing in elements of the season, fall leaves, apples placed on your table runner, but most importantly adding stunning linens.  Crown Linen Designs provides you with beautiful options and helps to create a look just for you!

Checkered Washed Linen Napkin Set 

We love how the taupe and white plaid has a relaxed yet traditional look on this table!

This is a beautiful fall table, evergreen linen runner mixed with black and white check napkins and pumpkins!

Black and White Washed NapkinsBlack Ruffle PlacematEvergreen Runner

Velvet Cream Ruffle PlacematMedici Cream Napkin

Same table, different look!  Replace the black and white for cream!

White Gathering Basket Napkin

A pop of color with fall leaves and a simple white napkin.

Victoria Napkin white/gold

Looking for something more formal?  Add our Bella Bianca with our Vetro Gold.

Give Thanks Napkin

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