Unimaginable Strength - Our Friends in Ukraine

Unimaginable Strength - Our Friends in Ukraine

When Ukraine was invaded in February, we believed Crown Linen couldn’t survive.

Our team there was in constant danger.  Millions of families were forced from their homes.  Mothers took their children to neighboring countries.  Fathers stayed behind.

Air raid alarms sounded constantly. Factories shut down.  Airports and seaports were either destroyed or under constant threat.

Ukrainian’s lives were unimaginable and they faced overwhelming odds. We just prayed they would stay safe, and that seemed like a miracle.

When we asked: “How can we help?”  They always answered: “Just pray, we have total faith in God and our country.” 

From faith comes unimaginable strength. 

First, they recovered a shipment stranded at closed airport and drove it to Poland where it could be sent to us. 

Then they re-opened their shops and kept their teams making the extraordinary pieces only they can create.  Soon they were producing more than ever. 

How can you create beauty amidst the horror of war?

Because, true beauty lies within.  Like all true things, that cannot be changed.

I now understand that the magic I always thought came from artistry and skill comes from something much deeper within the artist.  Something that can never be taken away.  

We have always hoped that the love we put in our pieces will be felt by our customers.  When I open our shipments from Ukraine, I am overwhelmed by what goes into every piece.

I hope you will be too. 


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