Spring Lake-Photoshoot

We went back to Spring Lake, NJ to shoot our 2016 Spring Collection! It was great being back in this charming coastal town! A BIG thanks to our account, Kate & Co, for graciously allowing us to practically take over her store, this was a big photoshoot for us, 11 new beauty shots over 2 days!!

Stay tuned for a post on our Spring 2016 Collection, but for now we wanted to give a shout out to some of the local businesses that helped, even if they didn't know it!

Kate & Co-for the location, the support and all her smiles, Kate is the best!

Flowers by Colleen-we used flowers from her in several shots

The Bottle Shop-for the wine during and after shooting!

Mr Shrimp-for the beautiful oysters we used in one shot

The Chateau-the lovely B&B I stayed at!

Icon-our photographers!

Thanks again!

On 3rd Cafe & Coffee / Waterlily