Italian Artisan visits the US

We were thrilled when Mara Vicariucci agreed to leave her small Italian village and spend 10 days with us visiting local stores in the North East. Mara, has been painting from an early age and today is the Master Artisan in the factory that produces favorites such as Burano, Medici and our popular Natale.

Mara in Italian Factory

Mara, speaking no english, traveled with our Italian Designer, Marinella Lombardini, and shared her incredible talent with seven stores in the NJ, NY and PA area.

Mara painting with young girl

She allowed holiday shoppers to assist her in painting pieces from our Natale Collection.

Mara Signing

Mara also took time to personalize pieces for shoppers with messages like Buon Natale

(Merry Christmas in Italian).

Exclusive Natale Piece

Available at the Artisan Events was an exclusive Natale Piece, this square platter, that Mara had personally signed.

Make sure you watch the you tube video of Mara painting. It shows her painting our Natale Salad plate, although the video is sped up, it took her 10 minutes to complete! Each piece of Arte Italica is hand painted and handcrafted by talented artisans like Mara, making each piece a work of art!