How linen is made, watch the video and be inspired!

Have you ever wondered how linen is made?  Victoria Fanning just recently visited a flax farm in North Dakota and has shared with us stunning photography from her time there.

How lovely to dine in a stunning flax field full of periwinkle blooms!

Vintage Urn

She set two stunning tables, one blue and white....

Tesoro Charger | Bella Bianca Casserole | Sofia Glassware

And another rich and golden!

Grazie TowelMedici NapkinTuscan Bowl with Rope Handles

Watch this video of her time there and learn the process on how linen is made, from the field, to the loom and then to your home.  You will be intrigued by the process and happy to learn about how sustainable, natural and healthy linen is for the environment and for us!