Design on a Dime Miami-#DOADMIA

Housing Works, a non-profit organization who's goal is to fight the battle on AIDS and homelessness, recently organized Design On a Dime Miami. This event brought talented designers together and tasked them with designing a space where the public could visit and shop with all the proceeds going to their cause.

We have always been big supporters of Housing Works and was THRILLED when the talented Anne Rue asked if we would be willing to donate items toward her space "The Guest Retreat."

Image; Rolando Diaz Photography

We love her style and the mix of new and vintage (those chairs!)

We donated a set of our Animale Pilsner Glasses

Image: Rolando Diaz Photography

Doesn't every guest retreat need a set? :)

We also donated one of our Cero Vases

Image: Rolando Diaz Photography

Adding flowers to a beautiful vase is also spot on when preparing for guests, adding some to their room is a special touch!

Read more about the event and see more pictures on Anne Rue's Blog.

Anne Rue, holding an Animale Pilsner Glass

Image: Rolando Diaz Photography