Calling all Coffee Lovers!

If you love coffee like we do then pour your favorite cup of joe in one of our beautiful handcrafted mugs, like our Tuscan Mug below.  Our Tuscan Coffee Canister is also the perfect compliment to your coffee bar or counter!


Image Credit: love.2.the.Moon

Do you prefer something more colorful? Choose from the many hand-painted mugs like our Medici Festivo, shop them all HERE!

Maybe you prefer a little something stronger, like our Tuscan Espresso Cup & Saucer.

Our Tuscan Cappuccino Cup & Saucer made the top 44 gifts to give coffee lovers by Homegrounds!

Our maybe you prefer tea instead, then the Tuscan Cup & Saucer is for you!

Image Credit: grazeliving

Looking for something with a little more bling then our Vetro Cup & Saucer or Vetro Coffee Cup & Saucer is for you!

Image Credit: French Country Cottage

For most, adding a little cream and sugar to your tea or coffee is a must and our Anna Set is perfect!

Whether you want something unique like our Tuscan Series or something colorfully painted, or maybe just something simple like our Bella Bianca Mug, we have something for any coffee/tea lover!

Also shown, Vintage Tray and Peltro Condiment Bowl with Spoon.