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Fall Entertaining-Medici

Sep 29, 2015 4:16:35 PM

The fall season is here!  One thing comes to mind when we think fall entertaining, and that is football!  We love this table set by the folks over at The Gathering of Friends because we think it's the perfect set-up for game day!

Let us break it down for you!

Every game day needs chips, especially tortilla chips and this Medici Bowl with Rope Handles can hold a lot!  Notice they layered in 3 varieties!

A big bowl for the dip!  The great thing about serving tortilla chips is that the types of dips you can serve are endless!  This Medici Serving Bowl serves your favorite dip in style!

Just because its game day doesn't mean the veggies should be left out!  Although we are sold out of our Antipasti Dish a great alternative is layering them on our Rectangular Tray, possibly in our Dipping Bowls!

Grab some fun paper napkins, like these!  They say it all!

Medici Salad Plate/Isabella Flatware

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Arte Travels Italy

Sep 22, 2015 1:28:41 PM

If you have been following us on Instagram you have seen that our Product Development team has been traveling Italy!  Here at Arte Italica we work with many different factories all over Italy.  Each factory specializes in their trade, we use factories that make ceramics, factories that make and paint ceramics, factories that make pewter and factories that make glass.  Each one is unique and all are family owned, many have been in their familes for years and years!  

When they travel Italy it is a whirl wind during the 7 to 10 days while they are there.  Traveling by car, factories by day then a new hotel each night, but hey it's Italy right!  So of course there is great food, wine and conversation!

Here is the route traveled!

They started in and around the beautiful city of Venice.

Here they met with two ceramic factories, then they traveled the Veneto region on the way to Milan.  There they attended an Italian Trade Show, met with current factories showing their beautiful products as well meeting new factories.

From Milan they travel to Brescia.  This part of Italy is where all of the Italian pewter is made.  

Check out these beauties, Spring 2016


Enjoying a relaxing dinner at the Hotel Santellone in Brescia.

From Brescia they traveled south to Tuscany, this is where you find the majority of handmade and hand painted ceramics.

Spring 2016 is all about the coastal influence from Italy which resonates with us Americans, if we don't live near the beach, we want to!

What a view!

Here you can see the many stages of our new Marina.  First an artist creates the mold by hand, once created production can begin, then painting and distressing.  It is amazing all the steps an artist takes to create each handmade piece!

Marina, is beautiful and will be offered in blue and white and will contain stunning serving and home decor pieces!

You will also see more blue and white and some floral in spring!

Get prepared!  Because we will be introducing over 120 new items for Spring 2016! 

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Fall Table Inspirations

Sep 15, 2015 11:24:06 AM

Our Scavo Chargers set the scene for four Fall Table Inspirations!

Nothing says that fall is here like Medici.  Layer it with our Scavo Rust Charger to add a bit of pumpkin color to your table and keep it classic with our Verona Glassware.

Forest evergreens and pinecones help to celebrate nature on our Foresta Dinnerware.  Pair it with our Animale Glassware and Green Scavo Charger.

The white swirl of our Volterra Dinnerware could be confused as spider webs when setting a spooky Halloween dinner party.  Pair it with a Black Scavo Charger and some spiders to set the scene.


Our White Merletto looks like a delicate snowflake, layer it with a warm Taupe Scavo Charger and Silver Vetro Glassware.

Want more inspiring tablesettings?  Use our Style Your Table application

and create a look just for you!

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Transition-Summer to Fall

Sep 2, 2015 9:26:41 AM

Labor Day weekend is approaching which marks the offical end to summer.  This is sad news to a summer lover like myself but I do enjoy the months ahead, cooler weather, the excitement of the holidays nearing, and speading time with family and friends.

These next few weeks are ideal for entertaining outside.  Here are our favorites pieces to transition from summer to fall!

image from The Gathering of Friends 

The Serving Platter

This is the best piece to entertain with because it is so functional and typically the center of the table; so let it be the WOW piece!  Our favorite platters to take you from summer to fall are Bella Bianca, Merletto and Medici.  They are neutural and work within your color scheme.

They are perfect when entertaining outside for your BBQ's or use them to serve family style and of course they are perfect for your Thanksgiving Turkey!

Other great choices are Finezza and of course Tuscan!

The Serving Bowl

Also a great piece it transitions from serving up delicious summer salads and veggies to warm winter/fall veggies like yams, and mashed potatos!  Show it off!  Don't tuck it away in your cupboard leave it on your counter for fruits and oohs and aahs! 

Favorites include Tuscan, Finezza and our NEW Autunno Fresco!


Another favorite is Bella Bianca!


This is always a fun category!  Our new Stout Glass is perfect for your favorite brew then later for a hot toddy or hot chocolate!


image from                

Nothing says fall is on its way like our Animale Collection!  You just feel like putting on your favorite sweater and sipping your favorite Oktoberfest beer.

Cheers to the new season!

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Caring for Pewter

Aug 19, 2015 11:37:06 AM

Owning Italian made pewter can be an investment.  Here are some tips on keeping it beautiful for years to come!

Fact # 1

- Pewter is a soft material, making it ideal for monogramming, but it also means it is susceptible to scratching

Here are some tips on preventing and removing any scratching that may occur.


When storing pewter, especially pewter chargers, use scrap fabric or tissue paper in between each piece.  You can also wrap pewter pieces or store in felt bags.

When setting your table, be aware of the type of plates you are using on your chargers to avoid the bottom rim from causing scratches.

Scratch Removal

Since pewter is a soft metal, removing scratches is easy.

Visit your local hardware store and pick up 0000 steel wool

In a circluar motion use the steel wool to buff out any imperfections.

I used this Peltro Charger that has been neglected by years of use in one of our showrooms.

He was a bit beat up but you can see that a nice buffing greatly reduced the scratches!

Fact # 2

- Pewter will darken with age

This can be true, especially depending on where you live (type of air/elevation, or coastal areas)  This darkening is a beautiful process but if you prefer your pewter on the shiner side wipe with Cape Cod Cleaning Cloths, they are amazing!

Fact # 3

- Keep pewter away from hot surfaces

Make sure you don't place pewter items on or too close to the stove or oven.  As mentioned pewter is a soft metal the heat can manipulate the form of your piece.

Fact # 4

- Pewter is dishwasher safe!

Like all Arte Italica items that are safe for the dishwasher, make sure you wash on a low-heat/air-dry setting.  We also recommend you use a cleaner that is acidic free (no lemon or orange scent)  we recommend Cascade Complete!

Fact # 5

- Pewter with glass needs to be hand washed

If your pewter contains glass (wine glasses, etc) make sure those are washed by hand individually and not soaked under water.  This will prevent any seperation of the glass from the pewter.  If this happens contact us at 888.336.4535 or email


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