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Architectural Digest Home Show

Feb 25, 2015 2:36:19 PM

We are thrilled to be apart of the AD Home Design Show in New York City!  This home show features the very best in home design.  Come see exquisite furnishings, design ideas and drool worthy booths.  This show will be covered by The New York Times, Architectural Digest as well as many designers, press and bloggers!

We will be there showcasing our pewter and pewter combination collections and giving away a small gift to the first 50 people each day!

Visit their website for details and to purchase tickets.

We hope to see you there!

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Pewter Stamps

Jan 23, 2015 10:05:22 AM

Decoding Pewter Stamps

Ever looked at a piece of pewter and noticed that the piece contains markings or stamps?  Ever wondered why are they there and what do they mean?  Well we hope to anwser these questions.

Stamps have been added to pewter pieces since early roman times.  These stamps or hallmarks each contain meaning.  The meanings behind some of these stamps are either the artists mark, the region in which the piece was made or a crest for the family.  All of our pewter pieces contain these types of stamps, especially our vintage pieces, which are all made from antique molds, or reproductions of old molds.  Stamps found on these pieces can be harder to distinquish unless they are dates or monograms.

Let's attempt to understand these stamps and their meanings.  

These are just our thoughts, we can't know for sure the history on each stamp.


This is our Peltro Salad Plate which contains 3 distinct stamps on the rim, a castle with a wall, lion and cross keys.  

The castle with the wall could represent many Italian cities since many were built with walls to protect the city from enemies, or other dangers.

Here is the crest of the medival city of Castel del Monte as an example.

The lion, or possibly a lioness, has always been used to symbol strength and bravery.  We see this symbol in the crest of Brescia, where our Italian pewter is made.  Brecia is known as Leonessa D'Italia or the Lioness of Italy.

Finally we see the cross keys.  The cross keys are also called St Peter's Keys and are used as symbols of the Vatican.

Another stamp you see, especially in today's pewter is the 95 or 95%.  This signifies that is it made from 95% tin, which symbolizes that it is the highest grade and quality pewter there is.  The higher the tin content the better the quality.  All of our pewter pieces are made with 95% tin.

Tin, once known as the poor mans silver, is like all metals very expensive.  That combined with the fact each piece is made by a single artist shows the value on each handcrafted piece!

Today, we make new pewter designs, but knowing the history of pewter means adding stamps!

Our newest collection Volterra isn't any different!

Here you find

AI-Meaning Arte Italica

95-Representing is authenticity

Owl-The symbol of our Italian Artist's Factory

Double Headed Eagle-This symbol has been used throughout history dating back to the Byzantine Empire or Eastern Roman Empire, using the double headed eagle represented authority over church and state.  To us, the double headed eagle represents freedom, bravery, but more importantly remembering our history by looking back but able to look forward to the things to come.

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Introducing Corda

Jan 7, 2015 2:23:25 PM

Corda Tips and a Giveaway!

Our new Corda Collection is so simple yet beautiful.  We love the neutral antique white color and the rope design.  The rope detail gives Corda a nautical feel, which reminds us of vintage ropes on a classic boat or ship.  However, Corda's simplicity allows it to work in so many decors, it really has no limits.

Since we all have several colds months ahead of us use a piece of Corda and try bringing a bit of spring indoors it really lifts the spirits!  

Here are some tips.

Corda Vase 

Add Spring Branches to your entry way, like this one from House Beautiful.  Two vases flanking a mirror would be beautiful.

Or you can shop your local super market or grocery and add a simple bouquet.

Corda Cachepot

This cachepot is perfect and so easy!  Just find a potted plant you love, orchid, fern, etc, pop it in, add a little moss and voila!  You have a beautiful new centerpiece for your coffee table or kitchen.

Corda Bowl

So beautiful with fruit but we also think planting succulents would be stunning!

We are Giving Away a limited piece from our Corda Collection.

This beautiful Oval Footed Bowl, here is it being made at the Italian Factory!

Like us on Facebook to enter and tell your friends, although we know you want it all for yourself, :)

No restrictions and no purchase neccessary!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Creating a Winter Table with Natale

Dec 12, 2014 2:29:28 PM

Creating a winter table with Natale is fun when you mix it up.  

See the collections natale/finezza/chianti

and don't forget about our Scavo Chargers!

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