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Strawberry Salad

Apr 28, 2017 1:47:36 PM

Spring brings beautiful, sweet strawberries!  If you are lucky, there could be a strawberry patch near you where you can spend a morning picking your own!  What a wonderful way to spend the day with your kids, sharing berries with neighbors and preparing a wonderful meal.

Picking Berries

With Mother's Day approaching think about incorporating strawberries into a wonderful salad like Decor Gold Designs did on her patio party.

Decor Gold Patio Party

Image: Decor Gold Designs

We have beautiful bowls for your salads and stunning decanters for your dressings!

Try this Strawberry Balsamic Dressing from the Food Network.


Use our NEW Classic Mini Decanter!


It is adorable and a great gift for Mom!


Decor Gold Patio Party

Image: Decor Gold Designs

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Gift for Mom!

Apr 17, 2017 5:01:32 PM

Looking for a great gift for Mom this year?  Let us help!  We have listed over 45 items that we think she would love to have! 

Grab a cup of coffee and CLICK HERE to shop the list.

 Bella Bianca Cup & Saucer

Image Credit: French Country Cottage

Or, you can pick a piece that is versatile and perfect for any mom.  

Let us show you why in 4 ways.


1. Entertaining

From appitizers to salads and entrees this tray serves it all in style!

Bella Tray

Image Credit: The Gathering of Friends

Bella Tray

Image Credit: Coastal Living Magazine

Bella Tray

Image Cradit: The Gathering of Friends

2. Use this tray on your vanity, bedside table or in the bathroom to hold candles, flowers, jewelry, etc.

Bella Tray 

Image Credit: Decor Pad

3. Simply use it in the kitchen for fruits and snacks.

Bella Tray

Image Credit: French Country Cottage

4. Finally, perfect as a beverage tray when serving cocktails.

Bella Tray

Image Credit: The Pink Clutch

Now through Mother's Day use code MOM for 40% off this tray!

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Bohemian Chic

Mar 20, 2017 3:58:01 PM

We have seen it in fashion, in home decor, why not on the table!?  The bohemian trend will still be on point this summer!  Here are some inspirations for your next gathering.

Jewel Tones

1. Image: isuwannee.com | 2. Gemma Chargers | 3. Burano Glassware | 4. Graffiatta Dinnerware | 5. Orabella Flatware | 6. Medici Home Decor | 7. Vetro Gold Decanter | 8. Image: Pinterest


1. Image: Pinterest  | 2. Scavo Chargers | 3. Valentina Glassware | 4. Merletto Dinnerware | 5. Bella Bianca Dinnerware | 6. Bella Bianca Flatware  | 7. Volterra | 8. Lucia Hurricane | 9. Image: Pinterest

Blue and White

1. Image: Pinterest | 2. Burano Glass | 3. Burano Dinnerware | 4. Isabella Flatware | 5. Reverso | 6. Burano Glass | 7. Volterra Aqua | 8. Merletto White | 9. Image: Pinterest


1. Image: Pinterest | 2.Gemma Chargers | 3. Notturno | 4. Giorgio | 5. Sabrina | 6 Graffiata | 7. Orabella | 8. Volterra Nero | 9. Giulietta | 10. Image: Pinterest

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