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Caring for Pewter

Aug 19, 2015 11:37:06 AM

Owning Italian made pewter can be an investment.  Here are some tips on keeping it beautiful for years to come!

Fact # 1

- Pewter is a soft material, making it ideal for monogramming, but it also means it is susceptible to scratching

Here are some tips on preventing and removing any scratching that may occur.


When storing pewter, especially pewter chargers, use scrap fabric or tissue paper in between each piece.  You can also wrap pewter pieces or store in felt bags.

When setting your table, be aware of the type of plates you are using on your chargers to avoid the bottom rim from causing scratches.

Scratch Removal

Since pewter is a soft metal, removing scratches is easy.

Visit your local hardware store and pick up 0000 steel wool

In a circluar motion use the steel wool to buff out any imperfections.

I used this Peltro Charger that has been neglected by years of use in one of our showrooms.

He was a bit beat up but you can see that a nice buffing greatly reduced the scratches!

Fact # 2

- Pewter will darken with age

This can be true, especially depending on where you live (type of air/elevation, or coastal areas)  This darkening is a beautiful process but if you prefer your pewter on the shiner side wipe with Cape Cod Cleaning Cloths, they are amazing!

Fact # 3

- Keep pewter away from hot surfaces

Make sure you don't place pewter items on or too close to the stove or oven.  As mentioned pewter is a soft metal the heat can manipulate the form of your piece.

Fact # 4

- Pewter is dishwasher safe!

Like all Arte Italica items that are safe for the dishwasher, make sure you wash on a low-heat/air-dry setting.  We also recommend you use a cleaner that is acidic free (no lemon or orange scent)  we recommend Cascade Complete!

Fact # 5

- Pewter with glass needs to be hand washed

If your pewter contains glass (wine glasses, etc) make sure those are washed by hand individually and not soaked under water.  This will prevent any seperation of the glass from the pewter.  If this happens contact us at 888.336.4535 or email


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Summer Entertaining

Jul 27, 2015 1:34:50 PM

The summer seems to never get here and when it does it flies by!  August is just around the corner and before you know it the kids are back in school.  So enjoy these last few weeks and invite friends over for a light dinner, like a yummy summer salad served on a Tuscan Tray!

Or maybe just some drinks and appetizers served on Burano!

End the evening with a delicious dessert served on Merletto!

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Christmas in July!

Jul 16, 2015 12:11:28 PM

Although hot and sunny, July marks the 1/2 way point to.... you guessed it Christmas!  This July shop our Natale, the perfect collection for entertaining throughout the holiday season!  Its snowy trees and elegant berry border is timeless and sophicated.  We have introduced 11 new pieces into our Natale Collection this year, many of which, are in stock and ready to ship!

1. Oval Bowl with Handles/2. Spoon Rest/3. Round Bowl/4. Sauce Server/5. Footed Bowl/6. Canister

These pieces are BRAND NEW and will be in stock soon!  Pre-order now!

1. Rectangular Tray with Handles/2. Trivet/3. Rectangular Bowl/4. Oval Baker/5. Napkin Holder

Italian Artisan Handpainted Natale Canisters for Fall 2015

Whether you are collecting Natale for yourself or looking for the perfect gift these new pieces for Fall 2015 are perfect!

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Celebrating July 4th!

Jun 26, 2015 1:52:32 PM

The 4th of July is such a fun holiday!  Mostly spent with friends and family outside at the BBQ, or as we say in the south "grilling out."  But for all of us its all things red, white and blue!  American flags, fireworks and great times!

Get your RED, WHITE & BLUE on with our Scavo Chargers!  Use them as serving trays, cake plates, or for cupcakes, or stay traditional and use them as chargers!

Regardless they will help create the spirit you are looking for!

Red-Great color because they can be used throughout the year, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or any day really!

Blue-Also a good choice, perfect with any white dinnerware or serving piece.

Antique White-Can't go wrong with this color, it will go with anything anytime!

Use our Burano Dinnerware with any of these chargers!

Summer Entertaining

Have fun celebrating our country's independence!

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Traditional Home Magazine-June 2015

May 29, 2015 10:47:41 AM

Our new Volterra Collection has made its first advertising debut in the June 2015 issue of Traditional Home Magazine!  Volterra was introduced this January and has been an instant hit, popping up in high-end retail stores across the country!

Shop Volterra at these Fine Stores listed on our ad

Cover Story-Los Altos & Los Gatos, CA

Misto Lino-Danville & Lafayette, CA

The Green Thumb-Bakersfield, CA

The Green Pear-Villa Park, CA

Melissa Edelman Antiquaire-Highland Park, IL

Latona's Specialties-Garfield, NJ

la Terrine-New York, NY

FX Dougherty-Doylestown, PA

Jackson's Home & Garden-Dallas, TX

Kuhl-Linscomb-Houston, TX

Read more about Volterra in Traditional Home's Design File on page 107!

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